Hearfones Acoustic Monitor

Hearfones Vocal Acoustic Monitor

Each singer using this revolutionary new tool hears very clearly the real and total sound of his own voice which he doesn’t hear just listening to the reflections of his singing in the room.

With simple instructions and a sincere effort to sound better, the singers in the ensemble will soon dramatically improve their performance. All it takes is HearFones… and the desire to get better… to reach the goal of beautiful singing.

The booklet “Singing Secrets” included with HearFones outlines simple steps needed to produce better individual sound. Many singers feel that when singing in a group their own efforts are not heard out front and thus sense that any vocal inadequacy will go unnoticed. Not so!. You cannot take poor quality singing, multiply it by 40 and get good singing. The chorus director cannot monitor all the voices individually, but each singer can!

The inventors of HearFones …teachers and singers themselves… recognized these problems and believed that good acoustic design could bring the benefits of this neat concept to every singer. Imagine our surprise when testing early prototypes on singers, we found that time after time every singer sang better just by putting on HearFones! When we saw this happening, we knew we were onto something really big.  In addition, in the hands of a director, the singer can be shown the appropriate sound to sing, then, with HearFones, the singer duplicates the director’s sound, often as necessary, to reproduce the instructor’s example.

After singing good sounds using the HearFones, the singer knows how it feels to sing this way and, in time, will be able to duplicate the sound without the “training wheels”. It’s that simple.

The director can use some of the better “students” to teach others in the ensemble how to sound good and employ games and exercises to promote the use of better singing techniques. No step in the use of HearFones violates any recognized good singing practices. The beauty of it all is that it gets right to the heart of the matter…good sounding singing…right off! This is quality control in music and a great way to build confident singing.

It should be emphasized that one of the most important contributions of this tool is that HearFones focuses the singer’s attention on his own voice, often for the first time. Ensembles may use HearFones to produce better quality sound in recording sessions. Soloists will find this tool most useful in their own vocal improvement in any singing style.

Professional speakers use HearFones to monitor their own diction, modulation and delivery. HearFones also finds many uses in the Speech and Hearing Therapy fields. Not since Guido d’Arezzo’s music notation in 1030 has there been such a help for the singer.

Make beautiful music; then go save the world anyway!   Click here to order your Hearfones.

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