Entertainers Secret Throat Spray

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We all have occasions when we develop a dry, sore scratchy throat and a hoarse, tired voice – we call it laryngitis. This is not always a correct diagnostic term, but it is descriptive – possibly because tissues in the larynx or vocal apparatus are inflammed- sound is distorted. Often it’s caused by excessive vocalizing: too much speaking, singing, cheering at games or concerts, shouting, etc..

Inhaled air almost always is drier than the body would prefer because heating in cold weather as well as conditioning in hot weather removes moisture. When this dry air flows through the throat’s passageways, its mucosal cover loses moisture via evaporation. As a consequence, this coating or lining becomes too viscous to flow properly and it cannot keep the underlying sensitive membranes moist. These surfaces can become dehydrated even if one is not doing an unusual amount of talking or singing or yelling.

Other reasons: maybe the dry irritated throat is due to an unfavorable atmosphere like smoke or dust, or maybe it’s an after-effect from a cold or cough or the result of surgery or therapy. Allergies can cause the mucus to form a thick and congested mass. Whatever the cause, the throat feels uncomfortable and, because a dry vocal fold does not vibrate like a moist one, vocal quality is impaired.

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