Stage Fright Lozenges

Ease your stage fright and anxiety with Stage Fright Lozenges.

Stage Fright may help to promote relief from anxiety and stress that can often accompany performances. Unlike many chemical products that may leave a person drowsy, foggy and slow to respond, Stage Fright is a perfect mix of natural amino acids and other herbs that may relax the nervous system. Stage Fright also has a unique additional supplement in the formula, DMG, that may help to bring more oxygen into the blood stream and may help to promote more mental focus for the voice professional.

Stage Fright is available in a tasty chewable tablet that can be taken 20 minutes before a performance or presentation and have an immediate effect.

Individuals suffering from chronic anxiety should ask their doctor to test their neurotransmitter and hormone levels because each has a complex relationship with the other that can affect numerous functions in the body, including mood regulation. (Those on Lithium who are bipolar should be cautious in using DMG or TMG since they may lead to overstimulation and potentially lead to mania.)

May help with Anxiety, Nervousness, Performance Anxiety, Irritability, Hypertension

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