Vocal Rescue Drops

Vocal Rescue Drops for Singers

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Throat Saver Throat Spray

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Thayer’s Dry Mouth Spray

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Thayer’s Slippery Elm Lozenges

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PocketTones Electronic Pitch Pipes

PocketTones Chromatic C Electronic Pitch Pipe

Main Site: Http://pockettones.com

Farley’s Pocket Tones™ electronic pitch pipes are a handy, durable and compact device, which may be carried in your pocket or purse as a pitch pipe key fob; or they can fit conveniently in an instrument case for accurate tones whenever you need them.
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Great for Ear Training – Used at studios around the world, Farley’s Pocket Tones help develop excellent pitch recognition – it is the perfect answer for an immediate tone, and it fits right in your hand.

Pocket Tones are available as Chromatic-C PocketTone and a Chromatic-F PocketTone. Chromatic-C is the generally recommended pitch pipe for women and the Chromatic-F PocketTone for men. Farley’s Pocket Tones are convenient, affordable and quite helpful. Get yours today!

• Electronic notes with individual keys to tune your instrument.

• Volume control.

• Train your ear for the perfect pitch.

• Convenient key chain design.

• Durable, accurate and easy to use.

• Batteries included (AG13).

Shown is the Pockettones
Chromatic C version.
Chromatic F is black!

POCKET TONES – PERFECT PITCH musicians always want, on a key chain!
This handy little device is a great tool for singers and it is conveniently designed to fit on a key ring. It is a great tool for just about anyone and it’s affordable too!

Here are just a few ideas of how to use it:

a) Practice pitch matching – everyone can use practice on matching pitches. Play the tone and then sing the pitch. Be sure to record yourself to make sure what you hear when you are singing is what others hear too!

b) Practice developing relative/perfect pitch – Can you do it? Can you look at the pitch name and hear the correct tone in your head? This little item is a great way to accomplish this development. It’s on your keychain so when you find yourself with a spare minute anywhere you can work on singing the pitch first and then checking yourself with the tones.

c) Learn a melody line. If you don’t have access to a piano, you can pick out the pitches on the Pocket Tone to help you learn a melody from sheet music.

d) Have a chance to sing somewhere but there’s no music? Make sure you get started on the right pitch!

e) Barbershop, Sweet Adelines and other grousp of harmony singers, get your starting pitches.

f) Practice and learn intervals between notes…..

I think you get the idea. It really is handy and each of us claimed at least one of them. Order yours today too!

The Chromatic C is recommended for women and the Chromatic F is recommended for men.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Pocket Tones perfect pitch pipe today!