I love this biz, our friends and free shipping changes.

I love this business.  I started Just Gotta Sing in 2000 and still love it.  It’s not just an online store that provides an income; it’s been a great way to communicate and help people from all walks in life.  From the high school choir to top rock stars, I love being there for my clients.  I use the term clients because so many are repeat customers and usually professionals looking for help.

One great thing is that, at my age I don’t recognize most of the artists that call so I rarely get “starstruck”.  Admittedly when I get a chance to chat with some of the classics it’s pretty cool and comes with some perks. Like this last weekend when we were honored to see the Marshall Tucker Band and got to hang out and talk voice with most of the band. However, the next day I did get a call from someone from Breaking Benjamins (sp?) and had no clue.  It’s not unusual, years ago I didn’t recognize Rihanna, Jay Z or Serj. I’m so out of the loop sometimes.

Some of my favorite calls and emails are from frantic parents of an upcoming star on their way to a audition or competition. I try to take in every bit of information provided from reviews, feedback and cries for help. I get a comfy feeling being able to help with advice, vocal technique, and product information.  I’ve always maintained that it does no good to sell or provide something ineffective and having a knowledgeable human to work with is invaluable.

The open communication policy helps me determine a lot and recently it was mentioned that I should try to lower our free shipping level so I’m giving it a try.  Free shipping is now available for orders over $25.  Of course it doesn’t include some products like the Hearfones but after analysis will help a major portion of our customers. Eh, clients.

Since allergy season is here, stay tuned for more articles and information on combating the singing nightmare. Make sure you take a look at vocalhealthcare.com for more information.

I hope you find the spring season that has so quickly came on us as a fruitful one, enjoy your spring concerts, Easter celebrations and all the things the season brings.  And remember in all things, sometimes you
Just Gotta Sing!


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