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Porta-Booth® Pro
by Harlan Hogan

Sonic stage "auditorium" design.
The Porta-Booth® Pro assembles in seconds. Just close two zippers.
Ruggedly constructed of 600 denier fabric with reflective piping.
A zip-open rear slot accommodates shotgun mics, boom arm mic stands and cables.
A zip-open bottom slot for both floor and desktop stands.
Included LED light clip to illuminate and hold scripts or sheet music.
A built-in hood to help reduce extra noisy environments.
An exterior travel bag pocket holds cables, lights and scripts.
Compression straps for maximum packing space.
Seven pounds for maximum portability.
Sturdy construction for maximum quality.

Compare to sound isolation enclosures costing thousands and so called portable sound booths weighing 50 to 150 pounds for hundreds to over a thousand dollars more.

From Harlan Hogan - After years of trying to get good audio in acoustically untreated spaces and trying all the tricks - building pillow forts, hanging blankets on the wall, huddling in mid-summer under a thick comforter reading copy by a keychain flashlight - I decided I had to come up with some kind of easily transportable sound booth for on the road recording. The original Porta-Booth® was the result. I never dreamed how many people would read about it and build one for themselves and how many more would want to purchase one ready-made.

As effective as the basic Porta-Booth there were requests for a bigger, more robust version that could be used as a permanent and portable recording solution – accommodating larger and longer microphones and lengthy scripts. After hours of conversations with audio pros and over a year of prototyping - testing more than a dozen designs - I'm very proud to introduce the purpose-built: Porta-Booth® Pro, a professional quality sound studio at a fraction of the cost and size of a traditional sound booth.

The Porta-Booth® Pro provides the audio quality you'd expect from a human-sized sound booth at a fraction of the size and cost because you don't need to be inside a sound booth – your microphone does!


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