Los Angelas Vocal Coach Jeannie Deva

Jeannie Deva is a renowned celebrity vocal coach who has developed a highly effective approach for contemporary singers which helps them sing passionately without the risk of vocal blow-out. The Deva Method is a natural approach to singing based upon her original research into the physiology of the voice and development of exercises to build vocal stamina and agility.

Jeannie Deva Voice Studios was established in 1978 to help popular music singers achieve their full potential. As word of the effectiveness of her method spread, it became necessary for Jeannie to train other teachers in order to keep up with the demand for voice lessons. Use the Find A Teacher link on this site to locate one nearest you.

Currently Jeannie Deva teaches privately in Los Angeles, California and worldwide. Contact Jeannie or Click Here for Jeannie’s Blog


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Vocal Inhaler

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